BERNARD Actuator:

Like pneumatic actuator, electric actuator is an important part of control system. It receives current signal of 4-20mA or 0-10mA DC from the controller and converts it into corresponding angular displacement or direct stroke displacement to operate the valve, baffle and other control mechanisms to achieve automatic control.

According to the process requirements of users, Bernard control actuator can provide class A (switch for use level) and class B (Micro / positioning level) actuators to meet the EN15714-2 standard. Class A+ and class B+ actuators have more outstanding performance in durability and product life.

Based on the design requirements of EN15714-2, Bernard electric actuator of class III has a higher load level, and higher specifications for other operation standards .
Compared with class D of EN15714-2, Bernard electric actuator of class II has a higher load level as well.

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