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Johnson Controls:

Johnson Controls of the US is the world's first thermostat manufacturer and the world's largest independent supplier of automotive parts and seats.

Johnson actuator is the device that receives control information and controls the controlled object in automation technology and process. According to its energy form, actuators can be divided into three categories: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

With compressed air as the energy source, Johnson Controls pneumatic valve actuator features quite many advantages including simple structure, reliable action, stable operation, large output thrust, convenient maintenance, fire and explosion proof, and low price.
Due to its easy compatibility with passive instruments, Johnson Controls pneumatic actuators are widely used in chemical industry, paper making, oil refining and other production processes.

Johnson Controls valve actuators include all kinds of smart valve actuators, switch valve actuators, electronic integrated and explosion-proof valve actuators for HVAC industry. Its new VP140 Rotary (Ball) Valve is ideal for applications that require enhanced flexibility for seasonal commissioning and different room layouts.

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