LAFTORQ Actuator:

LAFTORQ, a well-known American manufacturer of pneumatic actuators, was established in Iowa in 1960. Its main products include quarter-turn pneumatic actuators (single-acting, double-acting, three-stage), mechanical limit switches, solenoid valves, and small electric actuators (switching type, intelligent regulating type DC24V/AC220V), etc.

Shanghai LAFTORQ was established in 2007. It is authorized by LAFTORQ to supply supporting valve manufacturers in the Chinese domestic market, and has been well received by users.

LAFTORQ pneumatic actuators contain the following series,
● SR50 series
● SR115 series
● DA50 series, etc.

LAFTORQ electric actuator covers a wide series, such as
● QF-010 series
● QF-040 series
● QF-005 series, etc.

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