ROTORK Actuator:

The electric actuator produced by Rotork is in the leading position in the field of valve control in the world. Rotork valve actuator is simple and has incomparable lifetime reliability. No matter in any environment or application, Rotork has become a reliable leader in the field of valve control.

Rotork manufactures and sells all common types of actuators: Rotork pneumatic actuator, Rotork electric actuator, Rotork hydraulic actuator and Rotork linear actuator.

Among them, Rotork IQ actuator features a list of new technologies: advanced display, Bluetooth® communications interface and absolute encoder.

Rotork GP actuator (pneumatic) and GH (hydraulic) range scotch yoke actuators (sometimes referred to by users as Rotork scotch yoke actuator) are designed to provide a rotary, quarter-turn movement for either on/off or modulating duty.

Rotork CP actuator means the CP range pneumatic actuator, which is a multi-functional, modular, Scottish yoke design that offers dual acting and spring return configurations.

Besides series IQ, GP, GH and CP, most actuators made by Rotork including Rotork type K actuator, Rotork RC actuator, Rotork GT actuator and Rotork failsafe electric actuator IQT adopt the top mounted structure, which can reduce the connecting bolts of the valve body under the condition of high pressure and large diameter, enhance the reliability of the valve, and overcome the influence of the dead weight of the system under normal operation of the valve.

Rotoke pneumatic actuator is widely used as flow separation, confluence or flow direction switching device in coal chemical, petrochemical, rubber, papermaking, pharmaceutical industries and other work scenarios using pipelines with a medium.

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