Schneider Actuator:

Schneider Electric has hundreds of Schneider valve actuators with different sizes, torque values and input signals.

There are direct installation electric type, remote installation electric type, spring return type, non spring return type, etc. The built-in features of Schneider electric actuators allow users to better control the field without additional field devices. You can choose to install them in the factory or on site with connectors.

KNX switch actuator of Schneider is a switch actuator based on KNX protocol, which is used to automatically and uniformly control the power on & off of electrical appliances in buildings, such as lighting, elevators, central HVAC devices, monitoring equipment, etc. Users can choose various configurations of KNX actuator Schneider.
2-way 10A switch control module
4-way 10A/16A switch control module
8-way 10A/16A switch control module
12 channel 10A/16A switch control module

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