Taiwan FONTAL Company, established in 1956, has been the agent of Japan's Kuroda Seiko Co., Ltd. for air compressor components for more than 40 years.

In 2002, Japan's Kuroda Seiko Co., Ltd. was acquired by Parker of the United States and FONTAL could not continue to be the agent. Later, he devoted himself to cooperating with Japanese manufacturers to establish the FONTAL brand.

The solenoid valves, rotary cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, three-point combinations, buffers, and auxiliary machines produced by Taiwanese FONTAL are ranked first in the industry in terms of operation, stability, and service life.

In recent years, FONTAL has developed small solenoid valves and servo motors in response to the needs of the electronic high-tech industry. It has also helped a lot to the booming electronics industry in Taiwan.

FONTAL cylinder product has the following series,
● K series
● A series
● J series, such as JC1, JC0, JG2
● round Z series such as ZC1, ZC0, ZG2
● ultra-thin jig air cylinder X series
● brake cylinder KGSP series
● double guide rod air cylinder FCLM series

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