PARKER Pneumatic Cylinders:

Parker Hannifin, a world-leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technology and systems, provides precise solutions for a wide range of transmission control, industrial and aerospace markets.
It has become the world’s largest professional manufacturer and sales of various refrigeration and air-conditioning components, and hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid control products and components.

To ensure unparalleled reliability and performance, Parker's pneumatic cylinders, Parker air cylinders, accessories and kits are made of high-quality construction, corrosion-resistant materials with a wide range of sizes, strokes and diameters.

The types of cylinders include: Parker standard cylinder, Parker compact cylinder, Parker rodless cylinder, aluminum cylinder, electric cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, guide cylinder, ISO cylinder, flat cylinder, and stainless steel cylinder, etc.

Parker pneumatic cylinders include the following series,
● VB,
● C0D,
● P5TA9,
● P5E,
● 2MNR,
● 4MA,
● Origa OSP-P, etc.

Parker 2MA pneumatic cylinders are recommended for use where exposure to chemicals or corrosive agents and/or problems of sanitary maintenance are critical, including food processing and packaging equipment. There's a linear position sensor built in for the cylinder to ensure precise and continuous position feedback.

Parker 4MA cylinder is a universal cylinder with a solid structure. The aluminum body and end caps make 4MA a lightweight solution. With 8 apertures, 20 NFPA mounting styles, and various special features and options, it is highly configurable and easy to adapt.

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