Buying Guide

Genuine security

We promise to you that the goods you buy on our website are all original authentic products. If you have any doubts about the goods you bought on our website, you can go to any institution for testing. If we find counterfeit products, we will pay one for two. Double the price to compensate the price of the product you purchased.

Online customer service working hours

Our telephone customer service staff can work online from 9 am to 5 pm on working days (Monday to Friday). The time zone is Beijing time (the eighth zone). If you have any questions, please refer to the time comparison on the webpage and contact our telephone customer service staff. If the connection is busy, please wait a few minutes and then dial again. There is no specific time limit for sending mail. After receiving your email, Customer service staff will reply to your email in time.

Refund rules

We promise that if the goods you arrive have quality problems or are inconsistent with what we describe, within 48 hours of receiving the goods, you can apply for a return or exchange service in the website My Capital Order, and our customer service staff will You provide return and exchange services. If the product is damaged during use, a refund or exchange service will be required after paying a certain amount based on the corresponding damage. (Please contact customer service staff to make a related statement for specific damage assessment) If you find that the received goods have been damaged due to logistics reasons on the day of receipt, please contact customer service in time to replace the relevant goods

Free Shipping Rules

After purchasing any product in the mall, you will automatically be promoted to a level 1 member. The total value of goods purchased by first-level members and above in a transaction is greater than or equal to 99 US dollars, We will ship your purchased items for free. If this rule is not met, You need to pay the shipping costs of related items, and the shipping costs are based on Actual distance (unconditional limit for members above level 2). Please consult the relevant customer service for details. Item express is the express company selected by our company by default If the designated courier company can charge a certain fee separately, Please consult customer service staff for specific fee calculations. Delivery time is within 48 hours after placing the order. After the goods are shipped, the website will send you the courier number by e-mail. You can check the logistics status online, or you can check the logistics information on our website My Order....