Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc (AALBORG) was founded in the United States in 1972 and is a world-renowned manufacturer of precision instruments for flow measurement and control. The main products produced by AALBORG are flow meters, peristaltic pumps, flow control valves and accessories.

AALBORG flowmeters include the following types,
● Mass Flow Meters such as ZFM digital mass flow meter (AALBORG digital mass flowmeter), GFM mass flow meter
● Rotameters (Variable Area Flow Meters) such as model S single tube flow meters, KIT flow meter
● Paddle Wheel Flowmeters such as PWE, PWM paddle-wheel flow meter
● Vortex Flow Meters such as Wafer Style Vortex Flow Meter [VX], Muti-Parameter Vortex Flowmeter[mVX]

The AALBORG Mass Flow Meter GFM Series design combines the convenience and accuracy of traditional mass flow devices with a low cost that was previously unattainable. Each one of this series combines advanced straight-tube sensors with flow channel elements made of aluminum and brass for non-corrosive gases, or 316 stainless steel for corrosive applications.

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