The German STAUFF company has now become a leading supplier of accessories in the hydraulic industry. From the very beginning, STAUFF has been focusing on the needs of the market, combining high-quality products with excellent service. The main products produced by STAUFF include pipe clamps, pipe connectors, flanges, hose joints, valves, filters, etc.

STAUFF flowmeters and related products include the following types and series,
● Flowtell Inline Flow Meters SFF
● Flow Indicators SDM / SDMKR
● Flow Monitoring Systems SGF
● Flow Monitoring Systems SGFE
● Flow Rate Displays STD

STAUFF Flowtell Inline Flow Meter SFF is ideal for monitoring case drain flows, pump performance and media flow through hydraulic circuits and subcircuits.
It can be installed in any orientation (horizontal, vertical or inverted) and is weatherproof for use outdoor and/or systems requiring flushing. Its flow range can be measured up to 283 l/min / 75 US GPM.

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