Merlin Gerin

Merlin Gerin
Founded in 1920, Merlin Gerin quickly gained international reputation by introducing a revolutionary high voltage circuit breaker to the market. Since then, the high-voltage and low-voltage innovative technology of Merlin Gerin has continuously improved the safety and comfort of the current distribution field.
In 1992, Merlin Gerin was acquired by Schneider Electric, and became one of the subordinate current distribution brands of Schneider Electric as well as one of the leading current distribution brands in the world.

In Merlin Gerin MCB catalogue (Miniature Circuit Breaker catalogue), users can find various configurations of 1-4 poles, operating temperature from -10°C to 60°C, amperage of 20A - 125A, different tripping features for Type B, Type C and Type D and different mounting styles of DIN rail and clip-on.

Merlin Gerin MCCB, the molded case circuit breakers can cut off the current automatically when the current exceeds the trip setting. The molded case means the plastic insulator which can work as the shell of the device and isolate the conductor and grounding metal parts.
All Merlin Gerin molded case circuit breakers are equipped with thermal magnetic trip units, and large circuit breakers are equipped with solid state trip sensors.

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