Like Merlin Gerin, Telemecanique, Square D is a subsidiary brand of Schneider Electric, which is committed to meeting the needs of customers in the fields of residential, construction, industry, energy and infrastructure.

Square D circuit breakers include the following kinds,
● Miniature Circuit Breakers (Square D Homeline breakers, Square D QO breakers)
● Molded Case Circuit Breakers (PowerPact H-Frame, PowerPact J-Frame)
● DC Rated Circuit Breakers (PowerPact 500VDC Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breakers)
● Ground Fault Protection Products (Vigirex Ground-fault Relay System), etc.

Square D circuit breakers are Schneider Electric’s top series products for circuit protection with the broadest arrays of models and configurations, such as
* Square D 15 amp double pole breaker
* Square D double 15 amp breaker
* Square D 35 amp breaker
* Square D 60 amp single pole breaker
* Square D 60 amp main breaker
* Square D 40 amp single pole breaker
* Square D QO 40 amp breaker
* Square D 150 amp main breaker

Square D tandem breaker is a double circuit breaker that takes up the space of a single circuit breaker on a panelboard. Square D tandem circuit breakers are its QO series of 2-20 Amp, single-pole and 2-pole models.

Square D replacement breakers include miniature circuit breakers EDB24020 and EDB34050, molded case circuit breakers EHB14030 and EHB34060 and insulated case circuit breaker CM1250H.

Square D compatible breakers are Siemens Type QD circuit breakers, which have been classified by UL for use in place of the Square D Type QO® listed circuit breakers in the Square D UL listed panelboards.

Square D double pole breakers can be used for overload and short-circuit protection especially for homeline. Two-pole breaker models include PD2P30ABBSD and PD2P20ABBSD and QO series.

Square D NQOD breakers are circuit breakers suitable for Square D circuit breaker panelboards of NQOD series, which accept QO® and QOB branch circuit breakers.

Square D double tap breakers are the breaker models that can be safely double tapped. This type of breaker has two places for wires to connect.

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