Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded in 1886, is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its main business areas involve more than 4000 products in categories such as power generation equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, electrical equipment and electronic products.
Hundreds of millions of homes, commercial buildings, and government departments on five continents around the world are using Westinghouse's products and services.

In 1994, Eaton purchased Westinghouse’s power distribution and control business for US$1.1 billion.

Westinghouse electrical breakers include:
● miniature circuit breakers PowerEdge WHB2 series
● molded case circuit breaker PowerEdge WHM3 series, and ECOMASTER EM series
● air circuit breakers PowerEdge WHW3 series, and ECOMASTER EA series
● vacuum circuit breaker 40.5kV indoor AC high voltage series VCW, and 12kV fixed pole VCW series.

PowerEdge WHW3 series and ECOMASTER EA series are two main models of Westinghouse air circuit breakers. Both of the two series are designed with small size and compact structure and can meet the needs of industrial circuit distribution.

VCW series is provided as Westinghouse vacuum circuit breakers.
Rated parameters of VCW series 40.5kV indoor AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker are as high as 40.5kv/31.5/2500A, making it ideal for control and protection of electrical facilities in industrial and mining enterprises and power transformation and distribution stations. VCW series 12kV fixed pole vacuum circuit breakers can work for the same places with parameters up to 12kV/40ka/4000A.

Westinghouse main breaker is the main switch used to turn on and off the power supply of electric locomotives and motor groups. In case of short circuit, grounding and other faults in the main circuit, the main circuit breaker can quickly disconnect the circuit to provide the last level of protection.

Westinghouse series C industrial circuit breaker is a thermal-magnetic type molded case circuit breaker of 70-400 Amperes that can work in the circuit of voltages up to 600 Vac and provide superior protection for commercial and industrial circuits.

Besides, there are other types of Westinghouse breakers, such as Westinghouse BA breaker (Westinghouse type BA breaker), Westinghouse NQB breaker, Westinghouse EHB breaker, Westinghouse BR breaker, Westinghouse NBA breakers, and Westinghouse Quicklag P breaker.

And of different size and amps as follows,
* Westinghouse 15 amp breaker
* Westinghouse 30 amp double pole breaker (Westinghouse 2 pole 30 amp breaker)
* Westinghouse 40 amp breaker
* Westinghouse 50 amp breaker
* Westinghouse 60 amp breaker
* Westinghouse 100 amp breaker
* Westinghouse 200 amp main breaker
* Westinghouse 200 amp breaker

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