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Bristol Compressor H23A62QOBEA

B = Internal L .ine Break
E= 460 3 60 (380-415 3 50)
A = 7.5x 7.5
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Packing and shipping

Packaging Regulation :

Wooden box

Delivery time :

7~14 days(About)

Conditions :

New and Genuine

Bristol Compressor H23A62QOBEA

Brand name :


Series :


Model :


Refrigeration application :

High temperature

Refrigerant :


Generation :

Fourth generation - basic standard model upgrade

Family :

Model A reciprocating

Capacity :

62000 BTU/HR

Motor type :


Motor protector :

Internal line break

Electrical characteristics :

460-3-60 (380/415-3-50)

Meeting Feet Dim :


Color :



Bristol compressors reduce costs across the entire product lifespan in the application.
They support system design for high efficiency performance and for the use of alternative refrigerants for light commercial, commercial and industrial HVAC applications such as rooftops units, chillers, process cooling, packaged units etc.

Key Features

Environmental protection

Energy efficiency leader, boosting the upgrade of the green household appliances


18-slot motor with a 6-pole winding, creating the ultimate ultra-quiet technology in the industry


Energy efficiency leader, boosting the upgrade of the green household appliances

Frequency conversion

Effective solution to the low energy efficiency problem of the inverter compressor at low frequency


Lower minimum capacity of the compressor and better use comfort of the air conditioner. technology in the industry.

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