Mitsubishi Compressor AE33VBNMT

Mitsubishi Compressor AE33VBNMT

Mitsubishi Compressor RL6538ENHE1 AHL201A027F

Mitsubishi Compressor RL6538ENHE1 AHL201A027F

Mitsubishi Compressor AEV60FCHMT

3PH AC 93-380V 20-120HZ INPUT:8500W AT 120HZ
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Mitsubishi Compressor AEV60FCHMT


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Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising Company

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Video technical support, Online support

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Guangdong, China

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1 Year

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Free spare parts, Online support


380V/50HZ, 380V



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CE, ce








0.025 cbm




Refrigeration Compressor


Refrigeration Parts

Technical description of Mitsubishi inverter compressor:
① Inverter + variable capacity technology: The main compressor adopts Japanese "Mitsubishi Electric" 10P inverter compressor (HHV92FAA-YJ), which is 15HZ~130HZ stepless inverter, and the sub-machine
compressor adopts Japanese "Mitsubishi Motor" 10P fixed frequency compressor (ZHC165YDA-J), with 40%, 60%, 100% variable capacity, the system can
automatically adjust the operating status of each outdoor unit according to the requirements of the internal unit capacity , and make full use of the outdoor heat exchanger , The operating efficiency of each capacity section is greatly improved, heat exchange is realized, energy saving and electricity saving are realized.
② Small load and large heat exchange technology: When the main engine's operating frequency reaches 80Hz and still cannot meet the needs, the frequency will be increased, and the screwdriver will run at half load in turn. The load of 20 horses,
the condensation effect of 40 horses, the efficiency is 30%.

③ Four-sided heat exchange technology: adopts internal double-threaded tube heat exchanger, four-sided air return technology, heat exchange efficiency 30%

④. Indoor unit priority control: You can set the importance of the indoor unit and set the priority level. When the air conditioner is used in the peak season, it will give priority to ensuring the air conditioning needs of important rooms.

⑤. Modular small outdoor unit technology-elevator can be transported: the outdoor unit is small in size, and the size of the whole unit is 990×750×1700mm, which takes up less space; the modular combination of outdoor units
can be directly combined on site or even directly used in the building Elevator transportation, installation and transportation are very convenient.
⑥Large variable frequency compressor + large fixed frequency compressor: the main machine adopts 10HP scroll inverter compressor, and the slave machine adopts 10HP fixed frequency compressor, the speed is up to 7200 rpm, ensuring long
piping working conditions Ability is not discounted.
⑦. Long piping and high drop make installation more convenient: the allowable length of the branch to the remote indoor unit is up to 50m, the large drop between the internal and external units is 50m, and the indoor unit
is 20m, which is more suitable for modern high-rise commercial environments.
⑧. PMV+ pressure sensor control: The system uses PMV to control the flow of refrigerant, pressure sensor to detect the pressure of the system refrigerant, and adjust the system in time based on the detection results.

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