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Tecumseh Compressor AKA9460ZXC

Tecumseh Compressor AKA9460ZXC

Tecumseh Compressor AND5612EXG

Tecumseh Compressor AND5612EXG

Tecumseh Compressor AN5612H

Tecumseh Compressor AN5612H
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Wooden box

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Tecumseh Compressor AN5612H








Air Cond:


Motor starting Torque:




Capacity at 60 Hz:

120,000 BTU/h






AN5612H features:

  1. The voltage design of AN series compressors is: single camera working voltage 180-240V, three cameras 340-440V.
  2. AN series compressor have long-term application under different climatic conditions in different regions of China and Southeast Asia. They have been tested and tested, and their performance is stable and reliable.
  3. Tecumseh compressors have 1 / 12-12 horses, ten series, hundreds of models, commercial refrigeration compressors are most famous.
  1. The large-volume F-class insulated motor with high efficiency and low slip rate of the compressor produced by Tecumseh guarantees high cooling capacity, low power consumption and operational safety of the compressor.
  2. The optimal balance design of Tecumseh Compressor makes the compressor vibration less, low noise and smoother operation.

Tecumseh compressor application:

"Tecumseh" series compressors are widely used in quick freezing equipment, industrial, agricultural and commercial refrigeration systems.

France Tecumseh fully enclosed piston compressor TAN5612H:

"Tecumseh" specializes in the production of compressors. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. The (compressor) draws low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the intake pipe, and after the motor is driven to drive the piston to compress it, the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas is discharged to the exhaust pipe for the refrigeration cycle. A refrigeration cycle that provides power to achieve compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation (endothermic). Tecumseh compressors generally consist of a housing, an electric motor, a cylinder block, a piston, a control device (starter and thermal protector), and a cooling system.


Tecumseh Compressor AN5612H

Tecumseh Compressor AN5612H

Tecumseh Compressor AN5612H

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