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Tecumseh Compressor TAG4534Y

Refrigerant: R-134a Displacement(cc): 100.7 Cooling Capacity(Btu/h):31662
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Type: Reciprocating Compressors
Application: HBP - High Back Pressure
Voltage/Frequency: 440VC-3PH 60Hz 400VAC-3PH 50Hz
Evaporating Temp. Range: -6.7 to 12.8
Motor Torque: High Start Torque (HST)
Compressor Cooling: Fan
Weight: 45
Weight Unit of Measure: KG
Displacement (cc): 100.7
Oil Type: Polyolester
Viscosity (cSt): 32
Oil Charge (cc): 1960
Voltage Range (50 Hz): 340-440
Voltage Range (60 Hz): 396-499
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA): 42.5
Rated Load Amps (RLA 50 Hz): 4.4
Rated Load Amps (RLA 60 Hz): 4.9
Max. Continuous Current (MCC in Amps): 0
Motor Resistance (Ohm) - Main: N/A
Motor Resistance (Ohm) - Start: N/A
MotorType: 3PH
Overload Type: N/A
Relay Type: N/A
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