Founded in 1989, HIWIN is located in Taichung Industrial Zone in Taiwan. HIWIN is always focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of transmission control and system technology. HIWIN has completed trademark registration in 80 countries such as mainland China, the United States, and Japan. Today, HIWIN is one of the world's well-known brands.

HIWIN mainly develops and produces: ball screws, linear guides, dynamic tool holders, special bearings, industrial robots, medical robots, linear motors, servo motors and other high-end precision products.

HIWIN Linear Motors can be divided into Stages type, Multi-Axis Motors, and Planar Motors. HIWIN Linear Motor Stage type include the following series,
●LMX1E-C Series
●LMX1L-S Series
●LMXTL-SC Series
●LMXTE-T Series

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  1. HIWIN Electric Motor TMN71E
    Continuous torque: 3.7Nm
    Continuous current: 3.4A
    Momentary torque: 11.1Nm
    Instantaneous current: 10.2A
    Torque constant:1.09Nm
    Time constant: 4.1ms
    Resistance: 2.22ohms
    Inductance: 9.02mH
    Number of poles: 16
  2. HIWIN Electric Motor TMX44
    Continuous torque: 4Nm
    Continuous current: 2.6A
    Momentary torque: 12Nm
    Instantaneous current: 7.8A
    Torque constant: 1.56Nm
    Time constant: 5.2ms
    Resistance: 2.57ohms
    Inductance: 13.27mH
    Number of poles: 14
  3. HIWIN Electric Motor TMS03
    Continuous torque: 3.1Nm
    Continuous current: 2A
    Momentary torque: 9.3Nm
    Instantaneous current: 6A
    Torque constant:1.55Nm
    Time constant: 2.1ms
    Resistance: 7.1ohms
    Inductance: 15.2mH
    Number of poles: 10
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