Founded in 1959 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1984, Johnson Electric is a global leader in the design, R&D and manufacturing of micromotors and integrated motor systems. Its products are widely used in automotive products, building automation and security, electric equipment, household equipment and other industries.

Johnson Electric is a leading international manufacturer of drive subsystems, including motors, solenoids, switches and flexible connectors. Johnson Electric has its product R&D and design centers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, France, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Johnson Electric Motors include the following types,
●Johnson AC Motors
●Johnson DC Motors
●Johnson EC Motors (Brushless)
●Johnson Stepper Motors

Johnson Electric can provide custom engineered solutions based on a variety of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platforms. Low voltage DC platforms offer power density and compact packaging options. The high voltage DC range offers power density and space saving advantages over conventional AC motors in similar applications.

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  1. JOHNSON Electric Motor 64391
    Electric Motor diameter: 35.9 MM (plus guard ring is 37.2 MM)
    Electric Motor length: 65 MM
    Electric Motor shaft diameter: 3.2 MM (embossed shaft)
    Output shaft length: 13 MM (measured from the panel)
    Applicable voltage: DC12V-24V
  2. JOHNSON Electric Motor 32070
    JOHNSON Electric Motor 32070
  3. JOHNSON Electric Motor 1070071
    Voltage 30V-220V
    No-load current less than 0.2A
    No-load speed 1547-11300 rpm
  4. JOHNSON Electric Motor V060302
    Shaft diameter: 3.17mm
    Shaft length: 11mm
  5. JOHNSON Electric Motor 1D60063
    Voltage: DC220V
    No-load current: 0.08A
    No-load speed: 11400 rpm (load 8000-10000 rpm)
    Power: 41.3W
  6. JOHNSON Electric Motor 70011
    Electric Motor diameter: 42.3 MM (plus guard ring is 44.7 MM)
    Electric Motor length: 65.9 MM
    Electric Motor shaft diameter: 5 MM
    Output shaft length: 15.5 MM (measured from the panel)
    Voltage: DC12V
    Current: 1 A
    Speed: 10000 rpm
    Voltage: DC18V
    Current: 1.25 A
    Speed: 15000 rpm
    Voltage: DC24V
    Current: 1.36 A
    Speed: 20000 rpm
  7. JOHNSON Electric Motor 1020424
    Voltage: DC6V
    Current: 0.15 A
    Speed: 6260 rpm
    Voltage: DC12V
    Current: 0.18 A
    Speed: 12600 rpm
  8. JOHNSON Electric Motor 34900
    Size 32.5mm X 27.8mm
    Diameter shaft 2.3mm
    Shaft length 15mm
    Voltage range 6.0V-24.0V
  9. JOHNSON Electric Motor 1030048
    Shaft length:5mm
    Shaft diameter:2.305mm
    Rotating speed:6680rpm
    Maximum power:8.10w
    Input voltage:21v
    Maximum efficiency:63%
  10. JOHNSON Electric Motor V060183
    JOHNSON Electric Motor V060183
  11. JOHNSON Electric Motor 1031273
    Electric Motor diameter: 27.8 MM
    Electric Motor length: 46.4 MM
    Output shaft diameter: 2.3 MM
    Output length: 12.5 MM
    Screw hole: M 2.5
    Screw hole distance: 16.5 MM
    Voltage: 24 V
    Speed: 10450 rpm
    Current: 0.11 A
    Voltage: 25.2 V
    Speed: 11000 rpm
    Current: 0.11 A
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