UCAN Transmission Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 in Taiwan, capable of offering a wide range of motors and gear reducers. UCAN continuously strengthens strict quality control of products, improves pre-sales and after-sales services, and strives to provide customers with the best products.
UCAN serves its customers with its experienced distribution services and timeless business philosophy, and has built up the company's high reputation after years of hard work.

UCAN Electric Motors include the following series,
●UCAN Induction Motor MS series, Y series
●UCAN Brake Motor BM series

As a trusted distributor in China for years, OKmarts can provide a broad series of UCAN Electric Motors, and UCAN Industrial Motors. Here you can get the quickest response, largest available inventory, shortest lead times and competitive pricing.

Moreover, there’s always an extra bonus for bulk orders!

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  1. UCAN Electric Motor MS7112
    rated power:0.37kw 0.12HP
    Rated speed:2690rpm
    rated torque:1.31Nm
    power factory:cos0.81
    starting torque-rated torque:2.8Ts/Tn
    maximum torque-rated torque:3.00Tmax/Tn
    strating current-rated current:5.00Ist/In
  2. UCAN Electric Motor MS90L4
    rated power:1.5kw 2HP
    Rated speed:1400rpm
    rated torque:10.2Nm
    power factory:cos0.79
    starting torque-rated torque:2.20Ts/Tn
    maximum torque-rated torque:2.40Tmax/Tn
    strating current-rated current:6.00Ist/In
  3. UCAN Electric Motor MS132M4
    rated power:7.5kw 10HP
    Rated speed:1450rpm
    rated torque:49.4Nm
    power factory:cos0.84
    starting torque-rated torque:2.80Ts/Tn
    maximum torque-rated torque:3.20Tmax/Tn
    strating current-rated current:7.50Ist/In
  4. UCAN Electric Motor MS80C4
    UCAN Electric Motor MS80C4
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