ELCO Encoder:

ELCO China is one of the leading company in the development and production of encoders in the world. With marked customer orientation, consistently high quality and vast innovation capability, ELCO China develops specific solutions for many industries and applications worldwide.

ELCO Incremental Encoder EV28 Series - with small size, light weight and high precision, widely used in light industries.
ELCO Incremental Encoder EV40A, EV40P, EV50A, EV50P Series - performs well in mechanical shock-resistance and is able of withstanding higher axial and radial loads so as to meet various industrial environments.
ELCO Incremental Encoder EV58A, EV58P Series - This ELCO rotary encoder can absorb high axial and radial loads and is also protected against vibration and misalignment. 
ELCO Heavy-Duty Encoder EV90P, EV150P series - can withstand relatively high axial and radial forces, suitable for use in heavy industry. 
ELCO Absolute Encoder Single-Turn EAC50, EAC58 Series - This ELCO rotary encoder is designed with a unique mechanical structure that can carry mechanical load generated by the high-speed motor. 
ELCO Absolute Encoder Multi-turn EAM58, EAM90L Series - The resolution and number of revolutions can be set by the user, based on his application.

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