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LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZO

LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZO

LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZV

LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZV

LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZT

Diameter 40 mm
Shaft 8 mm
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Packing and shipping

Packaging Regulation :

Wooden box

Delivery time :

7~14 days(About)

Conditions :

New and Genuine

LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZT

Introducing you with the features of LS rotary encoder H40 series :

Elevator, Parking system, Industrial motor Easy to be attached, Customized design, a prompt delivery.

→ Strong against noise with digital output

→ Various power input

→ High compatibility with various machine

→ Easy to apply

Can be used in :

→ Elevator

→ Lubrication

→ FA Machine

→ Industrial Motor

Product specifications :

Brand name :

LS Mecapion

Model :


Type :

Incremental hollow type

Outer diameter Ø :


Shaft size Ø :


Resolution (P/R) :


Output sign :

A, B, Z

Output form :

Totem pole

Cable length (M) :


Place of origin :

South Korea


LS Mecapion Encoder H40-8-0100ZT

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