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Futaba Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1948, originally to produce vacuum tubes. As time passed, production and elemental techniques of the vacuum tube transformed into the manufacturing of vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs), tool and die set components, radio control equipment and OLED displays.

Divided into 3 Business Units, Electronic Components, Electronic Systems Division and Machinery and Tooling Division, Futaba's products touch people's lives in wide variety of ways.

Electronics Component Division: VFD and OLED displays and Capacitive Touch Panels Machinery and Tooling : Press and Mold equipment and related components Electronic Systems Division: RC for both hobby and industrial applications and Servo Motors.

Remote Control Futaba became one of the first companies of its type to provide comprehensive radio control products, selection and service to hobbyists. Futaba systems and products were quickly accepted and used by serious competitors and casual enthusiasts alike. Futaba products are used in the air, on the water, underwater and on the ground for all types of RC models. Futaba manufactures all components in-house, including tools and manufacturing facilities.

The hobby brand is distributed in North America by Hobbico of Champaign, Illinois, by Ripmax in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Austria, along with other distributors around the world.

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