Since 2008, we have been in the industrial business. With 15 years of growth, we've gone from strength to strength. We've committed ourselves to becoming the most reliable source for industrial equipment and parts and working to provide global customers with the best industrial solutions.

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                Shipping Time

                Depending on the shipping method, the shipping time of the goods will also be different. Please choose the shipping method that suits your needs.

                The shipping time (the time from shipping till you receive the goods) is for reference only:

                Express: 7-10 days;

                Air freight: 3-5 days;

                Sea shipping: about 40 days.

                For the items that need to go through a third-party inspection (like compressor, motor, fan, etc.), it will take 2~3 working days more.

                For some sensitive items that contains liquid, battery, capacitor (like servo drive, power supply, VFD, HMI, etc.), it will take 3~5 days more, as they can only ship from special lines from Shenzhen/HongKong.

                In addition, due to the impact of covid-19, the shipment may be affected to some extent. If your shipment is delayed due to this, our customer service staff will inform you in time.

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