Taiwan WEINTEK Technology Co., Ltd. (WEINTEK) entered Shenzhen and other cities in China in 2004, and officially launched the WEINVIEW brand, and the EASYVIEW brand was launched in South Korea and other countries. Products sold now generally use “WEINTEK” as the LOGO.

Therefore, the WEINTEK man-machine interface brand has three LOGO, WEINTEK, WEINVIEW and EASYVIEW. All the products sold are the same, which are developed and produced by Taiwan WEINTEK Technology Co., Ltd.
When you see the WEINVIEW, EASYVIEW, WEINTEK LOGO on the device, remember that they are also Weiluntong's touch screens.

The EASYVIEW touch screen adopts a 32-bit high-speed RISC processor, which can be connected to most mainstream PLCs.

EASYVIEW500 series is an industrial-grade touch panel with high reliability and high hardness to ensure that it is not easy to damage after long-term use.
It supports direct communication with most PLCs, including GE FANUC, A-B, SIEMENS, OMRON, MITSUBISHI, NAIS, KOYO, MODICON, LG, IDEC, TELEMECANIQUE, etc.

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