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Complying with the global manufacturing upgrade step, after years of continuous technological innovation, resource integration and optimization, Taiwan Savch Group has become a professional industrial automation product and solution provider integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

Savch Group was founded in Taiwan by entrepreneurs from Taiwan and Mainland China. It owns Quanzhou Sangchuan Electric Equipment Company as its RD and manufacturing base, Shanghai Savch Technology Company as its geographic center, Quanzhou Machtric as its oversea department. It has hundreds of agents and dozens of service organizations at home and abroad.

Graphic display:
● SAVCH display SGD adopts STN LCD display with white text on a blue background. Its pixel count is 192*64, uniform LED backlight brightness is adjustable, with 1 UART (for downloading and communication), RS232/422/485, configuration clock, and 20 keys.
● Text messages can be reported by voice, and voice prompts can also be provided in the event of a failure.
● There are 10 sphere function keys (F1-F10) that can be defined accordingly, such as defining coil settings, data settings, screen jumps, etc. After the definition is completed, all screens can be operated.

The universal touch screen:
● SAVCH touch screen SPN is a new generation of high-standard high-end HMI, with built-in cloud engine, and PLC engine, including 4 specifications SPN-070/SPN-070W and SPN-101/SPN-101W.
● Remote viewing and control of HMI can be easily realized through cloud platform website or mobile APP. It supports mobile phone APP, SMS, E-mail and other communication methods to send alarm information, and cleverly uses a powerful alarm mechanism to make customers feel safe even at home.
● The HMI running end has a built-in cloud engine, no need to set up any virtual serial ports or routers, etc., only need to connect to the network to realize PLC remote connection, remote programming and remote monitoring. When connecting to the PLC through the cloud engine, it is controlled by the A/B Key security mechanism, which ensures the safety of the equipment.

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  1. SAVCH HMI SGD-037
    SAVCH HMI SGD-037 3.7-INCH STN Input:24VDC
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