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KOGANEI Air Cylinder NDA16X30

KOGANEI Air Cylinder NDA16X30

KOGANEI Air Cylinder BDAS6X15

KOGANEI Air Cylinder BDAS6X15

KOGANEI Air Cylinder TBDAM16X10

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KOGANEI Twin Rod Cylinder B Series
Double Acting Long Bushing Type
Bore Size(mm):16
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Packaging Regulation :

Wooden box

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7~14 days(About)

Conditions :

New and Genuine

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KOGANEI Air Cylinder TBDAM16X10, okmarts online

Product Description








 Brand New




 Aluminum Alloy

Product Specifications

 Cylinder inner diameter D (φ)


 Stroke L (mm)


 Cylinder working method

 Double action

 Rod actuation method

 Single shot


 With guide

 Additional features

 High-rigidity, high -precision advanced guide rail / with rod to prevent rotation function / stroke adjustment

 Cylinder specifications

 Standard cylinder

 Temperature (℃)





 Not any

 End lock

 Not any

 Sensory switch


 Boot structure

 Long bushing type

 Number of sensor switches

 2 pcs

 Wire length


 End hold position


 Maximum working pressure (MPa)




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Product Media

KOGANEI Air Cylinder TBDAM16X10, okmarts online


・Square shape, compact design without guiding device, direct installation, and equipped with magnet for sensor switch as standard equipment- The side leads of the sensor switch are small and will not protrude from the main body, and the compact mechanical equipment further promotes the conversion. In addition,
by adopting the installation method on 3 sides and 5 positions, fine inspection can be performed.
・Excellent non-rotational accuracy, double-piston structure doubles thrust.
・Double rod cylinder B series further reduces space, man-hours and cost.

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Koganei Co., Ltd. was established in 1934. Its products mainly include cylinders, solenoid valves, filters, pressure reducing valves, joints, vacuum equipment, suction cups, etc. Products are widely used in various automation, electronics, semiconductor, textile, and mining industries.

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