NB/Nippon Bearing

NIPPON BEARING (NB) of Japan, since its establishment in 1939, has been a pioneer of linear motion machines and a comprehensive manufacturer of linear motion systems. It has received high praise and numerous support from home and abroad.

It mainly engaged in rolling guides, ball splines, linear bearings and bushings, spindles and optical shafts, cross ball guides and arc rails, combined actuators, sliding screws and other products.

NB NIPPON guide products include the following types,
● NB Slide Guide Type SGL, SGW, etc.
● NB Ball Spline Type SPR, SPB, etc.
● NB Slide Way Type SV, NVT, etc.
● NB Slide Bush Type SR, SRE, etc.

High-load linear bearing TOPBALL series is a self-aligning high-load capacity linear ball bushing that combines many unique features, making it an excellent choice for various applications.
TOPBALL linear ball bushings are commonly used in automated factory equipment and industrial machines, optical and measuring instruments, and any other applications that require precision, light weight, and low cost.

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