Application of oil bath air filter in air compressor industry

Cement plants have many production and grinding processes, and the ambient air contains high dust concentrations. The original design of dust removal filter device used in air compressor is mostly paper filter element dust removal. Due to the small dust collection area, the filter paper is easy to be clogged, and can only filter larger dust, and the filtering effect is not good. Fine dust enters the air compressor through the suction pipe. Part of the dust stays in the machine body and aggravates the wear of the machine head. The suction and exhaust valve, valve seat, spring and other parts must be disassembled and cleaned and replaced every month. This results in high cost of materials and accessories, many failures, low equipment use efficiency, and increased labor intensity of workers.

An oil bath air filter is used to replace the original filter. The filter is a new, high-efficiency and low-noise air filter that integrates cyclone, oil bath, oil film and filter screens and other dust removal functions. Its function is to reduce the noise of the suction port, improve the environment, and reduce air compressors. Inhale the dust and impurities in the air.

1. Filtering principle 

The air is sucked into the outer cylinder along the tangential direction and rotates at a high speed in the outer cylinder. The dust particles of the air flow are separated under the action of centrifugal force, hit the outer cylinder wall and fall into the oil pool. When the air flow traverses the oil surface, it produces fluctuations, entrained part of the air flow to rotate, and forms an oil film on the inner cylinder wall. The dust particles in the airflow stick to the oil film and are separated again to obtain secondary purification. The oil film flows down the inner cylinder wall to form an oil curtain. When the air passes through, it is subjected to an oil bath to separate some dust particles. The airflow rotates and rises in the inner cylinder, passes through the swirl plate and then accelerates to rotate, throwing a part of the oil droplets entrained in the airflow into the oil tank and flowing into the bottom of the cylinder through the oil return pipe, and part of it flows back along the inner cylinder wall to flush the oil film on the cylinder wall The collected dust falls to the bottom of the cylinder to produce a new oil film; the airflow finally filters out smaller dust particles and oil droplets through the filter, so as to achieve the purpose of purification. In this way, regular replacement of lubricating oil can ensure the filtering effect.

2. Problems that should be paid attention to in use.

We use oil-bath air filter, and pay special attention to the following points during installation, debugging and use to ensure its use effect.

(1) The selected oil bath air filter should be matched with the corresponding air compressor. It is forbidden to pile up debris in front of the air inlet to ensure unobstructed air intake.

(2) Oil bath air filter can be installed inside and outside the machine room. Ensure level during installation.

(3) The oil used in the oil-bath air filter should be the same grade as the air compressor lubricating oil, and the lubricating oil replaced by the air compressor can be used for maintenance. It is not allowed to add oil when the machine is running.

(4) The position of the oil level gap indicates that the oil level is consistent.

(5) When the oil-bath air filter is put into operation for the first time or after cleaning, the lubricating oil must be evenly applied to the filter screen.

(6) Whether the oil-bath air filter needs to be cleaned depends on the oil level observation glass. 5. Application effect

(1) Low noise. According to the environmental protection department, the noise of the suction port of the oil-bath air filter is 80.6dB(A), which is lower than the national , which reduces the noise of the unit in the air compressor room, improves the working environment, and is beneficial Physical and mental health of employees.

(2) Good dust filtering effect. The air compressor was checked after running for several months, and the suction and exhaust device hardly saw dust, and the calibrated dust filtering efficiency was 98.5%

6. Conclusion

In summary, the oil bath type air filter has good working performance. The equipment can be used on a single or multiple air compressor units. And it can be used as waste, with very good economic and equipment benefits. For this reason, it is recommended that oil bath air filters be considered when the working conditions are not ideal.