Basic requirements for choosing gas storage tanks

First of all, choose the products of large enterprises and well-known brands of gas storage tanks. The products of these gas storage tank companies not only strictly implement the GB150-98 "Steel Pressure Gas Storage Tank Container" standard, but also form their own corporate standards. At the same time, these companies have advanced production equipment, strict production process management, and the quality of raw materials used. it is good. Although the prices of the products of these companies may be relatively expensive, they can guarantee the products when they are used, and use them with confidence. In addition, products produced by companies that have passed multiple quality system certifications are also selections.

   The second is to look at the appearance. The appearance of the product reflects its grade and value. Only formal and powerful manufacturers have advanced equipment guarantees and a good quality assurance system to ensure the grade of the appearance of the product. The trademark of a high-quality gas storage tank is very obvious, and the brand of the gas storage tank can be clearly known 50 meters away from the gas storage tank. Approaching the gas storage tank, the tank itself has bright color, uniform surface treatment, flat welds and clear lines, so it is best to buy new products.

   The third is to look at the product nameplate. The nameplate should indicate the name and production date of the manufacturer and supervisory inspection unit, and whether there is a seal of the supervisory inspection unit in the upper right corner of the nameplate, and the product number, weight, volume, and load must be indicated on the nameplate. The highest pressure, working pressure, and the pressure of the water pressure test, the medium of the gas storage tank must also be marked. The steel stamp number of the product must be directly under the nameplate of the entire tank, and the stamp number must be consistent with the number on the nameplate. Found that the two numbers are inconsistent, it is best not to buy.

  Fourth is to read the quality assurance certificate. According to relevant national regulations, each gas storage tank must be accompanied by a quality assurance certificate when leaving the factory. The quality assurance certificate is an important document to prove that the gas storage tank is qualified. If there is no quality assurance certificate, even if the price It is safe to use, please do not buy it.