Environmental protection requirements for silent oil-free air compressors

Environmental requirements for air compressors 

According to surveys by authoritative organizations, humans have consumed more than 70% of the earth’s resources in less than 300 years of industrial processes. If such development continues, mankind will soon face the situation of exhaustion of resources. Therefore, in recent years, countries around the world have vigorously promoted the development of environmental protection technology. In the air compressor industry, in the past 10 years of technological development, silent oil-free air compressors have emerged. This environmentally friendly and energy-saving air compressor has been widely used in many industries. So, what environmental protection technologies are included in the silent oil-free air compressor? Which domestic companies are doing better in this regard?

According to the author's investigation, most domestic manufacturers that pay more attention to the production of environmentally friendly silent oil-free air compressors are located in Zhejiang and Guangdong. These entrepreneurs, who used to rely on extensive operations, actively responded to the national environmental protection policy, continued to innovate and paid attention to the investment in environmental protection technology, and there appeared a silent oil-free air compressor manufacturer represented by Wenzhou Ruian Aite Electromechanical. We once sighed at the wisdom of Wenzhou businessmen --- the Wenzhou development model created. I believe we will be in awe of Wenzhou people’s leadership in environmental technology in the near future

Let us take a look at the environmental elements contained in the environmentally friendly silent oil-free air compressor advocated by okmarts.com.

1. Environmental protection---should be a pioneer in energy conservation.

The scientific design of the compressor cylinder and the quality control of the motor, piston ring and transmission system can greatly increase the gas production per unit power. Automatic switch and simple operating procedures can reduce power consumption.

2. Environmental protection---The output air should be fresh and clean. The application of all oil-free lubrication technology, as well as compressor air chamber wall treatment and air storage tank internal spray treatment technology, coupled with a good air filter and oil-water separator, ensure that the output air is cleaner and fresher. If a non-heat regeneration dryer is installed, it can also ensure that the air is dry and water-free.

3. Environmental protection---lower noise and noise control technology is manifested in a more reasonable compressor workflow design. At the same time, the sound silencing device of the air inlet is well dealt with and the configuration of the compressor shock and noise cushion is also critical. Lower noise control is to install sound-absorbing speakers.

Four, environmental protection-stable and durable

Stable working performance, it can maintain a certain working time even under extreme conditions, reduce or no failure, ensure a longer use time, and save the cost of use and maintenance for customers, which in itself is a manifestation of environmental protection.

Five, environmental protection --- packaging must also meet environmental protection requirements

Choose reusable or degradable packaging materials, and use as few flashy packaging materials as possible while ensuring the safety of equipment transportation.

Six, environmental protection-environmentally friendly products should be produced by environmentally friendly factories

It is not only necessary to ensure that the products produced are environmentally friendly, but also that the factory must be clean and tidy and pay attention to the working environment of workers. In particular, we should not discharge waste water indiscriminately, litter production waste, and pay attention to the maintenance of the environment around the factory.

7. Environmental protection-the responsibility of entrepreneurs and a strong awareness of environmental protection

As Mr. Wu of okmarts.com Electromechanical always said: Although making environmentally friendly products, you have to pay more than others. But it is worth it. Think about our children and grandchildren, we should leave a blue sky for them. Yes, we are pleased to see more and more responsible companies like Aite Electromechanical. We hope that more companies will join the environmental protection army and leave a blue sky for future generations.