Overhaul of screw air compressor

The prerequisite for the overhaul of the high temperature of the screw air compressor is that the temperature of the machine room is within the allowable range and the oil level is in a normal state (please refer to the accompanying instructions).

First confirm whether the temperature measuring element of the machine is faulty. You can use another temperature measuring instrument to calibrate it. If it is confirmed that there is no problem with the temperature measuring element, then check the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the oil cooler, which is normally between 5 ̴ ̴ 8.

1. If the temperature is greater than this range, it means that the oil flow is insufficient, the oil circuit is blocked, or the temperature control valve is not fully opened, please check the oil filter (the replacement oil filter should consider whether the flow is insufficient), there is a pre-filter Check, please. For some models, please adjust the oil flow to the maximum first. Check whether the temperature control valve is normal. You can remove the valve core and close one end of the temperature control valve to force all the oil to pass through the cooler. If the above method fails, Consider whether there is any blockage in the oil circuit.

2. If the temperature difference is less than the normal range, it proves that the heat dissipation is poor. Please check whether the water inlet is insufficient, the temperature of the inlet water is too high, whether the cooler is scaled (water part), whether there is grease in the cooling (oil part), For air cooling, please check whether the radiator is dirty, whether the cooling fan is abnormal, the air volume is insufficient, whether the air duct is blocked, whether the air duct is too long, the relay fan is not added, the relay fan is not turned on, or the relay fan is faulty. Whether there is grease in the radiator.

3. If the temperature difference is within the normal range and the machine is still high temperature, it means that the heat generation of the machine head is beyond the normal range. Check whether the machine head is running under overpressure, whether the oil is incorrect, whether the oil is aging, whether the machine head bearing is problematic or even end face friction.

In addition, if there is an oil cut valve (some people call it oil supply valve, oil stop valve), check whether there is a fault. If the oil cut valve fails, it will usually jump when the machine is turned on, and the temperature will rise linearly.