Pt100, thermocouple integrated temperature transmitter

Pt100, thermocouple integrated temperature transmitter

The temperature measuring probe adopts Pt100 platinum resistance, J, K, E, thermocouple, high precision and good stability

Integrate sensor and transmission, compact structure, convenient installation, high precision and low power consumption

The current output type is suitable for long-distance transmission, and the design of anti-electromagnetic interference circuit ensures that the transmitter can work safely and reliably under various interferences. It is suitable for modern environments with serious electromagnetic pollution.

Good overall sealing performance

Temperature range and dimensions can be ordered according to customer requirements, flexible and convenient

Product structure design is reasonable, process connection interface is flexible and convenient, small size, light weight, arbitrary installation position

The shell protection material is diversified, suitable for multiple media measurement

Main technical indicators: Temperature measurement range: 0~300℃~500℃~1200℃

Output signal: 4~20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V

Load resistance: ≤500Ω

Power supply: 24V DC

Power consumption: ≤1W

Basic error: 0.2%~0.5% FS

Optional installation


It is widely used in thermal energy engineering, electric power, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other process industries, as well as temperature measurement of large mechanical equipment such as ovens, plastic chemical fibers, and refrigeration units.