Silent air compressor, oil-free air compressor

There are many types of manufacturers and sales. According to the air quality requirements, they can be basically divided into oil lubrication and oil-free lubrication. Here the author focuses on the purchase of oil-free air compressors. At present, several well-known manufacturers and brands of oil-free air compressors in the global market include the Del brand of Germany Deere, the GAST brand of the American company, and the JUNAIR brand of the Danish company. Our domestic enterprise, Shanghai Dailuo Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer with the largest output and export volume of oil-free silent air compressors, and its brand air compressors are well-known abroad

How to choose an oil-free air compressor that can satisfy yourself or your customers? The following points are for your reference:

1. Quality requirements for gas source

With the improvement of people’s health awareness and environmental protection requirements, many equipment are more and more sophisticated, which puts forward higher requirements for the air compressors that provide air sources for these equipment, so the application range of oil-free air compressors is increasing. Wider. Please confirm the specific requirements of the equipment for the quality of the air source and the installation environment. If the requirements are not high and you are not concerned about whether the air is oil-free, you can consider choosing some noise that is louder and the exhaust air is Ordinary industrial compressors for lubricating oil molecules; otherwise, you need to purchase silent oil-free air compressors.

2. The required flow rate, pressure and power must be clarified. First, the air compressor model must be selected according to the air flow rate under the rated pressure of the equipment. The selected air compressor had better flow rate slightly larger than the required flow rate, so as to prevent the leakage of some pipe joints and the flow rate could not keep up, and the pressure would not meet the demand. The gas flow unit usually has (cubic meter hour) and (liter minute). Equal to pressure is also a key factor. The maximum exhaust pressure of an air compressor must match the pressure required by the equipment. If it is smaller, it will not be able to meet the equipment demand, and if it is larger, the purchase cost will increase. The pressure unit usually has Bar, kg/cm2, commonly known as kilogram pressure. In addition, the rated power of the air compressor is not the larger the better, but the smaller the power should be selected when the flow and pressure meet the requirements, which can save unnecessary Electricity resource expenditure.

3. Brands Some brands of foreign companies are generally reliable in quality, but usually because of their production and transportation costs, the price has always been high, which is not the first choice of ordinary companies and individuals; and because domestic companies’ pursuit of brand and quality is changing rapidly, similar The quality of products has improved very rapidly. Some manufacturers have basically the same technical capabilities as foreign ones, and some have even surpassed foreign ones. It is recommended to consult with peers before purchasing or use a silent oil-free air compressor on the Internet.

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4. Service, service should be considered from three aspects: the manufacturer's service for product knowledge; the service for accessories; and the service for after-sales maintenance. Since most domestic manufacturers of oil-free air compressors are small in scale and low in batch output, this has led to excessive competition in the same industry, making prices lower and lower, but quality has also declined. Therefore, I suggest you choose some export-oriented companies, their brand awareness and service awareness are relatively strong. For example, the air compressor mentioned above is well-known abroad.