The current sales model of air compressors

1. Head office→regional agent→distributor→salesman→customer (representing company: Fusheng, Atlas, etc.)

⑴. It takes about four stages to reach the customer, and the profit is also reduced considerably (because the intervention of the middleman increases the cost)

⑵. The lack of first-hand information on the market and the inaccurate grasp of the market, so large companies basically have a marketing department to analyze the market and obtain the first-hand data of the market for analysis, but the marketing department analyzes the problem to see the direction and trend. Not too much emphasis on the individual grasp of small customers;

⑶. The company’s executive power and the company’s relevant market principles are not well implemented, and some systems cannot be implemented (including some large companies and foreign companies)

⑷, The price system and regional demand are relatively accurate

⑸, suitable for the operation of manufacturers with a certain degree of naming or second-line manufacturers with certain strength

⑹. The maintenance of customers is relatively good, and there is a company special person responsible (if the company has high sales, there will be poor market maintenance)

2. Production company → sales network (through sellers or distribution methods) (Schneider, Feihe, etc.)

⑴、Suitable for companies with comparative advantages in quality-price ratio and brand recognition in the market

⑵, suitable for those who don’t want to invest more money (such as advertising cost, after-sales staffing, etc.)

⑶ Disadvantages: Subject to dealers, relatively low prices, relatively loose cooperation. I personally think that this company has a high chance of copying, low profits, and quality for ODM!

3. Agents and sellers (such as Xinbao, Subang and Huayi)

⑴, use its own strong sales team and reputation to operate the market,

⑵, suitable for agents of good quality but not very well-known products, use your own sales brand to guide customers

⑶, suitable for agency or sales of conventional well-known air compressor accessories and other supporting equipment, etc.

⑷, There must be a relatively low price, relatively good quality, and relatively good service team in order to gain market recognition

⑸ Summary: The development direction of this sales model can be the same as Suning and Gome sellers, and it will become a sales and service company in the electromechanical sales industry. The source of risk is single (larger cost) and related products do not have absolute market competitiveness ( Can not meet the market), we must jointly launch related marketing activities with manufacturers to attract consumers and reduce their own capital share!

4. Other forms

⑴. For example, direct sales and no branches, the head office directly organizes the sales department to contact the relevant facade sales department, or direct sales, suitable for products with low price, simple maintenance, and good quality, mainly with piston factory furniture;

⑵, assembly