Top 11 Solenoid Valve Manufacturers Worldwide

solenoid valves of different types
Figure 1: Solenoid valves.

In modern industry, solenoid valves are widely used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium. There are many types of solenoid valves, including one-way valves, safety valves, speed regulating valves, etc. Solenoid valve brands are also diverse.

Therefore, many friends will inevitably have a headache when selecting solenoid valves: Which solenoid valve brand is better? Today we will introduce to you the solenoid valve brands with good reputation and wide applications in the industrial automation industry. We hope it will be helpful to you.

The top 11 solenoid valve brands mentioned below include: ASCO, FESTO, Burkert, Airtac, SMC, CKD, Norgren, Parker, Rexroth, Daikin, and Yuken.

1. ASCO (United States)

ASCO is a member of Emerson Group, one of the world's top 500 companies. It is an internationally renowned manufacturer specializing in the production of fluid control valves and pneumatic control components.

ASCO solenoid valves are mainly used for precise control of all fluids and gaseous substances such as air, gas, water, light oil, steam, etc. in industrial and commercial applications. ASCO solenoid valves have a wide range of types, including 2-position 2-way universal valves (8210 series, 8262 series), 2-position 3-way valves (8316 series), 2-position 4-way valves (8342 series, 8344 series), etc.

2. FESTO (Germany)

FESTO is a world-famous manufacturer of pneumatic and electric components and systems. FESTO solenoid valves are famous for their excellent brand quality, intelligent and easy-to-operate product design, and long service life.

VUVS-L25, VSVA-B and many other products are Festool's flagship solenoid valve models, whose specific functions and quotations can be viewed in detail on the O&Kmarts official website.

FESTO solenoid valve
Figure 2: FESTO solenoid valve.

3. Bürkert (Germany)

Founded in 1946, Bürkert is a global supplier in the field of fluid control, providing solenoid valves, process control valves, micro-flow systems and other products. Its professional fluid control products have been widely used in various industries.

Bürkert solenoid valve is a common industrial automation control device, widely used in liquid and gas control systems. Its main function is to control the opening and closing of the valve through electromagnetic force to achieve the on-off and regulation of fluid.

Bürkert solenoid valve
Figure 3: Bürkert solenoid valve.

4. Airtac (Taiwan, China)

Airtac is a world-renowned large-scale enterprise group specializing in the production of various types of pneumatic equipment. It is committed to providing customers with pneumatic control components, pneumatic actuators, air source processing components, pneumatic auxiliary components and other types of pneumatic equipment.

Airtac has thousands of dealers around the world, mainly located in Europe, America and Asia, which has formed a complete sales network and after-sales service system to provide customers with convenient services at any time.

Airtac solenoid valve
Figure 4: Airtac solenoid valve.

5. SMC (Japan)

Founded in 1959, Today, SMC has become a world-class R&D, manufacturer and seller of pneumatic components. As the world's most famous multinational company in the manufacturing and sales of pneumatic components, SMC has sales networks and production bases all over the world. SMC products are world-famous for their complete variety, high reliability, economy and durability, and their ability to meet the needs of different users in many fields.

6. CKD (Japan)

CKD mainly manufactures air source processing parts, cylinders, solenoid valves and other automation products. Among them, solenoid valves produced by CKD include multi-media solenoid valves, gas control valves, special valves for analytical instruments, special valves for cutting fluid control, special valves for high vacuum, special valves for gas and natural gas LPG, high-purity chemical liquid valves, and process gas valves, etc.

In the market, CKD solenoid valves are favored by the majority of users for their first-class quality and excellent service. They have passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification in the industry.

CKD solenoid valve
Figure 5: CKD solenoid valve.

7. Norgren (UK)

Norgren is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic products, providing pneumatic and fluid control solutions to global customers. It produces and supplies a full range of pneumatic control and automation products, all of which hold ISO9001 quality standard certificates.

Norgren solenoid valve is a pneumatic control product, mainly used in automatic control systems, fluid transmission systems, compressed air systems and other fields.
The main features of Norgren solenoid valves are high performance, long life, easy installation and high reliability. They are made of high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing and verification to meet the needs of different customers.

8. Parker (USA)

Parker is the world's leading diversified industrial enterprise in motion and control technology and systems. It manufactures fluid transmission components and systems for controlling the transmission, flow and pressure of various machinery and other equipment.

Parker solenoid valves include a variety of types and configurations for a wide range of hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, medical, refrigeration and aerospace applications. Parker solenoid valve solutions provide reliable, fast and safe switching and a simple design to adapt to challenging environments.

Parker solenoid valve
Figure 6: Parker solenoid valve.

9. Rexroth (Germany)

Rexroth is a well-known industrial automation brand under the Bosch Group. The brand mainly produces industrial automation solutions such as hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and control systems. Its products are widely used in various industrial fields, such as machine tools, plastic processing machinery, food and packaging machinery, paper and printing machinery, shipbuilding and offshore equipment, metallurgy and mining, construction and quarrying and other industries.

Rexroth's hydraulic products include hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders, which are widely used in various mechanical equipment to improve the efficiency and performance of machinery. Rexroth solenoid valves are used in hydraulic systems to open or close liquid circuits or change the direction of liquid flow.

Rexroth solenoid valve
Figure 7: Rexroth solenoid valve.

10. Daikin (Japan)

Daikin, founded in 1924, has already become a well-known company active in air conditioning, refrigeration, fluorine chemistry, electronics, hydraulic machinery and other fields. Daikin solenoid valve models are as many as 500, always maintaining a leading market share. Daikin is a manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales in various fields.

11. Yuken (Japan)

Yuken was founded in 1956. As a Japanese hydraulic manufacturer, its products are exported to all over the world. Yuken solenoid valves are basic components for automation that control the direction of fluids. It has passed the IS09001: 2000 quality management system and has obtained CE, TUV, ROSH, ETL, LFGB and other certifications.

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