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Panasonic Compressor 5SS052U

Panasonic Compressor 5SS052U

Panasonic Compressor 1PS192MAA41

Panasonic Compressor 1PS192MAA41

Panasonic Compressor 1KS280MAA41

Model: 1KS280MAA41
Brand technique: Rotary compressor
Refrigerant: R410A
Swept volume[cm3/rev]: 28
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Wooden box

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7~14 days(About)

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New and Genuine

Panasonic Compressor 1KS280MAA41


Brand :


Model :


Series :


Type :

Rotary compressor

Refrigerant :


Displacement (cc/rev) :


Basic Construction :

Std. Efficiency

Rates Voltage & Frequency :


Other specifications :

Electrical Change


Oil type


Structure change

fixed upper bearing

Made in :


Color :



High Efficiency by Design

Panasonic Rotary Compressors are designed by optimizing the three critical elements of high efficiency and high performance.

  • Extremely close tolerances are maintained between moving parts resulting in high compressor volumetric efficiency.
  • Mechanical losses due to vibration and friction are minimized due to the precision machined, ultra-smooth finishes on moving parts surfaces.
  • Gas flow losses and operating sound levels are minimized by designing a gas circulation route that helps assure smooth flow throughout the rotary cycle.

High Quality and High Reliability

All our Rotary compressors are assembled in specially designed and highly automated clean room’ environments where temperature, humidity, and airborne contaminants are carefully controlled. Automated assembly, employing precision robots, allows critical manufacturing variables to be held to very close tolerances.  In addition, computerized statistical quality control is applied at every step of the manufacturing process. The result is a rotary compressor with a remarkably low failure rate and a long service life.

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