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LW Power Supply PS-305DM

LW Power Supply PS-305DM

LW Power Supply PS-6403D

LW Power Supply PS-6403D

LW Power Supply PS-6402D

INPUT: 110/220VAC 50/60HZ OUTPUT: 64VDC,2A,128W
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Wooden box

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New and Genuine

The LW Power Supply is high quality!
power supply linear
Signal channel output
Digital meter show the voltage and current values
Voltage/current adjust knob with rough and meticulous adjustable
Light and compact design
Deal for educational laboratories, safe for students to use
Constant voltage and constant current operation (C.C and C.V. can be converted automatically)
Low ripple and noise
Affordable and easy to operate
Have current limitation protection

[power supply linear]
Model: PS-6402D
Input voltage: 220 V/110V+/-10% 50/60Hz (setting switch at the back)
Output voltage: 0-64V
Output current: 0-2A
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40degree celsius
Relative humidity: <80%
Storage Temperature:-10 to 70degree celsius
Relative humidity: <70%
Constant voltage state:
Voltage stability: <0.01%+3mV
Load stability :< 0.01%+5mV
Recovery time :< 100uS
Ripple & noise : <1.0mVrms
Temperature coefficient: < 300PPM/0C
Constant current state:
Current stability: < 0.2%+3mA
Load stability :< 0.2%+3mA
Ripple & noise :< 3mArms
Appearance size: length 285mm* width 128mm* height 145mm (excluding protruding parts)
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