The German Krom schroder company was founded in 1865. It is a world-renowned manufacturer of gas metering, gas safety and control systems. Its products are widely used in various combustion and heating fields involving gas. At present, Krom schroder already belongs to the Honeywell Group.

With high-quality components, intelligent system solutions and services, Krom schroder provides customers with an economical, safe and environmentally friendly way, and saves resources.

Krom Schroder's main products include pressure switches, differential pressure switches, igniters, burner controllers, valves, ignition transformers, combustion controllers, burners, filters, electric actuators and flow meters, etc.

The normal combustion of the burner requires a fixed ratio of combustion-supporting air and gas. The air-fuel proportional valve is a valve that achieves a constant ratio of gas to air.

Features of Krom gas air-fuel proportional valve/Krom air-fuel proportional valve
* Suitable for continuous proportional control and pulse control.
* High adjustment accuracy, air-gas ratio: 1:1, adjustment range 10:1.
* Suitable for natural gas, liquefied gas, and city gas.
* Control pressure: 0.05kpa-12kpa, outlet pressure: 0.02kpa-11.9kpa, withstanding pressure: 20kpa, withstanding ambient temperature: -20℃-60℃.

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