Founded in 1947, Swagelok is headquartered in the USA. It is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of fluid system solutions. It provides products, assembly and services in various industries including scientific research, instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, electricity, petrochemicals, alternative fuels and semiconductors, etc.

Swagelok’s main products include: fittings, valves, measuring devices, pressure regulators, micro modular systems, filters, hoses, welding systems, sample cylinders, leak detection, lubricants and sealants, etc.

Swagelok proportional relief valve provides overpressure protection for multiple set pressures. For applications that need to drain the signal line pressure to the atmosphere, the discharge valve and purge valve will manually discharge the pressure.

Swagelok valves has the following series,
● Swagelok proportional relief valves/Swagelok proportional unloading valve R3, R4, RL3 and RL4 Series
● Swagelok proportional safety-relief valves/Swagelok safety proportional discharge valve PRV Series

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