Founded in 1972, Swiss company Contrinex is a multinational enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and sales of high-performance sensors. With product features of long detection distance, miniaturization and all metal integration, the company is in a leading position in sensor industry and is a global market standard maker.

Using the patent technology of Condist and Condet, Contrinex proximity sensor is highly economical and of excellent performance and reliability. It is widely used in machine tool, light industry, automobile industry, textile, food packaging, plastic machine, steel, electronics.

Contrinex inductive sensor is generally used as crankshaft position sensor and wheel speed sensor on automobiles. There will be voltage generated as the gear disc rotates, and the voltage signal will be input into the ECU of the car.

Molex Contrinex is a collaboration work of the two companies Molex and Contrinex to produce integrated sensor solutions capable of measuring and detecting medium data as well as providing cloud and Internet based data processing services.

OKmarts can also offer other types of Contrinex products - Contrinex distributors, Contrinex ultrasonic sensor, and Contrinex fiber optic sensor.

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