P+F Pepperl Fuchs

Pepperl Fuchs (P+F) is the inventor of induction technology, the leader of internal safety and explosion-proof technology, and is a well-known professional sensor company in the global automation industry. Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, Pepperl Fuchs develops and produces high-quality products and provides personalized services for international markets such as Europe, America and Asia.

Pepperl Fuchs level sensors include limit detection and continuous measurement sensors. The former type can protect equipment from overflow and dry-run, and the latter one allows for usage evaluation, loss control, and above all, precise process control.

For limit detection of object level, there are P&F ultrasonic level sensor, float switch, vibration limit switch, conductive limit switches, capacitive limit switches, magnetic immersion probe.

For continuous measurement of object level, Pepperl Fuchs provides P&F ultrasonic level sensors as well, and magnetic immersion probe, hydrostatic pressure sensors, guided level radar.

Product line of Pepperl Fuchs speed sensor consists of professional speed sensors and all kinds of automotive industry related measuring instruments, covering torque, acoustics and vibration, size and displacement, speed and speed measuring instruments and all kinds of application software analysis system.

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