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Kinco Servo Drive

Kinco Servo Drive:
Kinco Servo Drive is a great fit for applications requiring position, speed, and/or torque control methods. The uniqueness of this servo drive package is the flexibility of using a single servo drive that can accommodate motors with power ratings ranging from 50-750W. Also, it is designed to switch dynamically among different control methods for more flexible operation. Kinco FD Series Servo Drive can operate position control mode either with pulse and direction inputs, or 8 internal position points, analog speed control or 8 internal speed points, and analog or internal torque mode. Kinco FD Series Servo Drive operates with 24-70VDC input and the Kinco FD400 Series Servo Drive operates with 176-253VAC single-phase input. Each drive comes with an RS232 or RS232 and RS485 communication port which can be operated using MODBUS Protocol. A CAN BUS is an optional port that is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.