OMRON Soft Starter

Founded in 1933, OMRON Group now has hundreds of thousands of products, involving industrial automation control systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, social systems, health care equipment and other fields.

By restraining starting current at low cost and controlling the smooth start of motor, OMRON motor starter helps its clients to save energy and prolong the service life of equipment.
The application range of OMRON motor soft starter is 380V AC to 660V AC, and the motor power ranges from several kilowatts to 800KW. Soft starter is especially suitable for all kinds of pump load or fan load, where soft start and soft stop are needed.

OMRON starter kit Sysmac is an integrated and powerful starter system composed of NJ Series controller, operational HMI, software and other accessories.

OKmarts provides the most competitive OMRON soft starter price and fast delivery for clients in the US and worldwide.

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