WEG Soft Starter

Founded in 1961 and as one of the world's famous motor manufacturers, WEG has offices in five continents and production bases in 12 countries. There are five divisions in WEG: motor, energy, automation, power transmission & distribution, coatings.

Heavy equipment and motors of more than 30 kW are not allowed to start directly. For working safety, they need either soft start or VFD (variable frequency converter) to reduce the starting voltage. Providing more than 2000 starter models, soft starters of WEG are suitable for most equipment of 30-400 kW.

Stable on-site control and remote network communication are integrated in WEG starters to ensure agile control of applications.

Magnetic starter is a kind of starting device used for motors larger than 0.5KW under CCS standard. For other equipment, 1kW is the required capacity. WEG magnetic starter can be used for remote control of motor start, stop, reverse, and also for low voltage and overload protection. It must be used with a fuse.

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If needed, you can contact us for the WEG soft starter manual (soft starter WEG manual) or soft starter WEG PDF. Moreover, there’s always an extra bonus for bulk orders!

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