ASCO is a multinational company merged by Emerson in 2008 from two companies, ASCO and Numatics. Since 2016, the company was named ASCO as a whole to produce and sell fluid control valves and pneumatic control components.

After merged into Emerson, ASCO continues to play its expertise in fluid valves and provides products for different purposes and work environment, including former brand Numatics solenoid valve, ASCO Numatics solenoid valve, ASCO gas valve, ASCO gas solenoid valve, ASCO pneumatic solenoid valve, ASCO pinch valve, ASCO air valve, ASCO water valve, ASCO shut off valve, and other valve components like ASCO solenoid coils.

There are basically seven types of ASCO explosion proof solenoid valves: ordinary type, explosion-proof type, manual reset type, intrinsically safe type, sliding type, long life type, and pneumatic valve, etc. Its operation type can be divided into normally closed type and normally open type.

ASCO natural gas solenoid valve includes both civil and commercial natural gas solenoid valves.

There are four types of ASCO cryogenic solenoid valves according to its temperature control ranges.
Cryogenic solenoid valve of -10℃~100℃
Cryogenic solenoid valve of -40℃~80℃
Cryogenic solenoid valve of -100℃~80℃
Ultra cryogenic solenoid valve of -200℃~+80℃

ASCO high pressure solenoid valve can control temperature from -100 to +200℃.
ASCO water solenoid valve can be used for tap water or purified water at 0-60 ℃, and its service life can be more than 100,000 times of opening and closing.
ASCO Joucomatic solenoid valve is a series of 5-way 2-position solenoid valves.
ASCO intrinsically safe solenoid valve is designed with outstanding functionalities: little resistance to fluid, fast and convenient switch that it easy to open and close quickly, good sealing performance and sealed reliably valve stem.
ASCO pilot operated solenoid valve is used to control basic components of fluid automation. It belongs to the actuator, whose work areas are not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic.
ASCO air solenoid valve is used to control the opening and closing of pipes, most of which are two-way two-position.
ASCO normally open solenoid valve works in the way that when the coil is powered on, the gas circuit is disconnected. Once the coil is powered off, the gas circuit will be connected, which is also "inching".
Okmarts offers model comparison and ASCO solenoid valve price more competitive than that of other suppliers like Grainger ASCO solenoid valves.

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  1. ASCO Solenoid Valve YB3BB4524G00061
    Series: YB2 Pipe size: G1/4'' Body: brass Function: 2 Position, 4-Way Voltages: 24DC
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