With popular models of Festo VUVG, Festo VZWD, Festo VSNC and Festo JMFH, Festo has been providing its customers with pneumatic and electric technology and comprehensive solutions for factory automation and process automation. Its products serve the electronic and light assembly, food and beverage packaging, automobile, water treatment, biotechnology/pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Festo make solenoid valve is used for on-off control of liquid and gas pipelines. It is a DO control of two positions, which is generally used for small pipeline control.

To regulate the analog flow of liquid, gas and air system pipeline medium, you should choose Festo double acting solenoid valve (Festo double solenoid valve), which adopts agile AI control. In the control of large valve and air system, electric valve can also be used as two position switch control.

Festo pneumatic solenoid valve has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, simple maintenance and low pressure level, making it very safe to use. Since its working medium is the inexhaustible air, the cost of using and maintaining the valve is quite low.

On our website of OKmarts industrial parts mall, you can find Festo air solenoid valves of different operating voltages including Festo 24v solenoid valve, and other solenoid valves of 5V DC, 12V DC, 24V AC/DC, 48V AC/DC, 110V AC, 120V AC, 230V AC, 240 AC.

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