MAC solenoid valve is famous for its high speed, high repeatability and strong environmental tolerance. MAC solenoid valve currently accounts for 26% of the market in the United States. 45% of its customers work in packaging machinery, and the rest are in sorting machinery, tire machinery, mining, automobile, electronic, aluminum products, wood, paper, printing, food and beverage industry.

MAC air solenoid valve features a long list of outstanding performances.

  1. * Balanced valve design. Reaction time is not affected by pressure changes.
  2. * Anti-jamming protection design of valve core to avoid wire coil burning.
  3. * Large suction force in the wire coil to ensure fast and accurate action.
  4. * Automatic compensation for wear, so the service life of valve is increased.
  5. * Coil is isolated from the air to prolong its life.
  6. * All sizes and caliber available, m5-2 1 / 2 "standard is optional.

OKmarts provides MAC solenoid valves of a full selection of types and configurations, including mac solenoid 3 port, 4 port mac valve, 3 way mac valve and series of 45/52/55/6500.