ABB thyristor:

ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and is a global leader in the field of power and automation technology. It is committed to providing solutions for customers in the industrial, energy, power, transportation and construction industries to help customers improve production efficiency and energy efficiency.

ABB thyristors mainly include the following two categories,
● Bi-directional Control Thyristor(BCT)
● Phase Control Thyristor (ABB PCT)

ABB Phase control power thyristor/ABB phase control thyristor PCT is mainly used to control the current valve in the phase of AC to DC or DC to AC. At this time, it runs at low frequency (usually mainly around the AC line frequency).
In the boot state, because the thyristor is characterized by very small loss, it is an ideal device for effectively controlling higher current and energy.
All ABB thyristors are press-packing equipment. A moderately high-strength pressure is used to press-fit the transistor and the heat sink used for the electrical connection of the power terminal.

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