AEG thyristor:

Founded in Berlin, Germany in 1887, AEG is one of the world's earliest electrical companies, leading and promoting the electrification movement throughout Europe.
So far, AEG has eight business units including power distribution and control, automotive control, industrial services, mobile communications, power tools, household appliances, consumer electronics, and sewage treatment.

AEG semiconductor products include AEG IGBT, AEG diode, AEG module, etc. AEG's new series of thyristor converters include series Thyro-S, series Thyro-A and series Thyro-P.

AEG thyristor converters operate, control and regulate electrical energy in industrial applications worldwide, from the simple task of optimizing analog converters at low cost to the most demanding complex applications. They can be used where precise and reliable melting, heating, drying and conversion are required.

The digital thyristor power controller/AEG thyristor power controller Thyro-A Series supports load currents up to 1500 A and voltages up to 600 V. It strikes a perfect balance between price and performance.
Thyro-A SCR power controllers provide flexible application functions and industry-proven reliability. It is very suitable for general heating applications.

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